Top Ten Beauty Tips About Facial Threading: From Procedure to Price

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Hair removal. It can be an easy or tricky process for women, depending on the technique chosen. There are many different options available, which can get rid of facial hair, but not all of them are always appropriate. While plucking can lead to ingrown hairs and waxing can cause skin irritation, it’s difficult to choose the best option. But the alternative, ancient technique of threading could become your best!


So if you’re looking for a replacement to shaving, waxing or plucking, here are the top 10 beauty tips about threading.


Things to consider before your brow appointment

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The first thing you should check is the ‘bushiness’ of your brows. You need to ensure they are thick and full. If your eyebrows are sparse or thin, it will be difficult to achieve the perfect shape, because there isn’t enough hair to work with. Which brings us to the next thing you should consider—the shape. Take some time to think about your preferred shape and speak to your therapist beforehand to make sure you get the perfect look.


How does threading work?

Using a piece of cotton thread, this ancient technique from the East removes the hairs by grabbing them and teasing them out. Normally the therapist twists the thread with their hand, pulling the cotton and removing the hairs directly from the root. It’s a very quick technique and doesn’t require any other products.


Is it painful?

Some people compare the threading process to tearing apart Velcro. It’s not always painful, but the sensation can feel a bit strange. It also depends on your pain threshold and how skilled your therapist is with the thread.


Can I use products after threading?

Immediately after threading your pores are open, so it’s important not to touch your brows at this stage. You should also try not to wear heavy makeup, and avoid saunas, direct sunlight and swimming pools. At this point, you shouldn’t use products that make your skin sensitive.


How frequently should I get my eyebrows threaded? 

It is advised that if you get your brows threaded every three weeks, they should stay looking neat and trim. Some women extend this to four weeks, though, as the frequency can depend on the shape of your brows.


Is it easy to maintain?

Threading is perfect for even the smallest of hairs. The process makes it easy to remove each and every hair and shape your brows with little effort. You can tidy the stray hairs instantly and the treatment lasts for a really long time!


Which is better: waxing or threading?

It all comes down to your personal choice, but threading is better for the skin because it doesn’t pull in the same way that waxing does. Also, threading doesn’t use other products that might be harmful to the skin.


Where else can be threaded?

It is possible to get the upper lip threaded, and also the chin.


How can you tell if the threading treatment has been a success?

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Often, a bad threading experience will leave you with broken eyebrow hairs or irregular brows. You will know if the hairs have broken because you may have coarse patches on your eyebrows. This can mean that the hairs may regrow faster.


How much does it cost?

Threading prices vary from place to place, and can often depend on the experience level of your therapist. Normally you can expect to pay between £5 and £25. It’s important to check the prices before the appointment, especially if you don’t want to exceed a certain budget.

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