The Cheapest Beauty Subscription Boxes You Need to Sign Up To Right Now

a beauty box with sample sized products in it

Beauty subscription boxes are a great way to get the latest products delivered straight to your door.

So, you can get to sample a selection of products at low cost and high value.

For even more savings, we’ve rounded up the best beauty subscription boxes for if you are on a budget.

All the boxes listed are from under twenty pounds a month.

So, keep reading to find the perfect box for you.

What Are Beauty Subscription Boxes?

Beauty subscription boxes give you the opportunity and flexibility to try new items.

The way the process works like a subscription service for a magazine.

But instead of a magazine, you are sent a selection of new beauty products to try.

Each box is filled with around five to six products ranging from sample size to full-size products which are then delivered to your door every month.

They contain a mix of goodies from the latest hair, skincare and makeup buys, all for much less than you would pay in the shops.

This way you can try it before committing to buying the full-sized product.

Many big beauty brands often collaborate with beauty box brands so that their subscribers can get to try their latest launches first.

While some beauty subscription boxes contain a surprising mix of products, others offer a selection of handpicked products that you can choose from.

The type of subscription you decide to choose can also vary depending on the brand.

However, many beauty subscription boxes have flexible options ranging from one to twelve months.

So, if you aren’t ready to commit fully or want to try the service first, then you can purchase just one box.

Why Should You Subscribe to Beauty Box Services?

A woman sitting with an open beauty box on her lap

Beauty subscription boxes are an easy and efficient way to beauty shop so you can try a range of products from classic goodies to new discoveries.

But, the thing really that makes beauty subscription boxes worth signing up for is the cost.

There’s a lot of value in signing up for a beauty subscription box.

Most of the time, the contents of the box are worth way more than the cost of the box itself.

Many companies allow you to prepay for more than one box at a time, saving you more money per box if you decide to commit.

The cost of the shipping, however, can be dependent on each service provider.

Many brands offer free shipping, but for others, you may have to pay an additional shipping fee.

Which Box Is Best for You?

Each box has its own uniqueness and value.

But the best box for you will depend on your budget, preference and style.

To know which box is best suited for you, you can visit the site of each brand to look at their previous boxes to get a feel of what the brand is offering each month.

We’re going to show you which beauty subscription boxes are worth signing up for on a budget.

So, keep reading to see what you can expect from each of our favourite boxes to select the right one for you.

Glossy Box – From £8.50 a month

Glossy box is one of the most popular and affordable beauty subscription boxes available.

Packaged in the iconic pink box, this subscription allows you to tailor the products to your skin type by filling in a beauty profile when you subscribe.

All you have to do it visit the website and answer a few questions, so you know the products will work for your skin.

With Glossybox, you get five beauty products each month along with tips and tricks on how to use them on description cards by Glossybox experts.

The brand has collaborated with high-end brands such as La Mer, Too Faced and Elizabeth Arden among many others.

You will also find amazing budget buys from brands such as Rimmel.

As you anticipate the arrival of your box you will sneak peeks of what’s in your box as the brand releases teasers of what’s in the box before you receive it.

Each month, your selected beauty goodies will arrive at your door in a beautiful box with a hand-tied bow that you can collect.

Occasionally you may receive a themed or limited edition box in which are the results of collaborations with different designers and artists.

Glossybox is available in three, six or twelve-month plans so you can choose a plan that best suits you.

Birchbox – From £10 a month

Birchbox is the first ever beauty subscription box brand to launch.

Their beautifully designed packaging is different every month and filled with the best beauty products.

This service also allows you to personalize your subscription to suit your hair, skin and beauty needs.

You can do this by filling out your details on the websites, so you know you’ll like and use the products you receive each month.

But, if you really like a product and want to repurchase it, simply head back to the website and you can purchase it with discounts that are exclusive to Birchbox subscribers.

Some of the brands Birchbox collaborates with include Nip and Fab, Rituals and Benefits among others.

A selection of makeup and beauty products

Lookfantastic – From £13 a month

If you don’t like surprises, then this may be the beauty box for you.

Lookfantastic allows you to see what you will get in each box just by visiting their website.

Each month you’ll get a different themed box with six premium products from across their 350 brands across hair, makeup, nails and more.

Lookfantastic also often collaborates with some fantastic brands to bring you special addition boxes containing a handful of their bestsellers.

Every product sampled is then available to buy on their website with a £5 discount for subscribers.

Each box also has a minimum retail value of £50, so you are guaranteed to be making worthwhile savings.

Roccabox – From £10 a month

If you love trying out brands and products recommended by beauty influencers, then this is the box for you.

Each month, a new blogger is enlisted to round up their beauty must-haves to create a box full of their recommended products.

Each box contains around five products carefully selected by the bloggers and ranging from makeup, skin, hair and accessories.

An information card is also placed into each box with a bit of information about the blogger that the brand has collaborated with that month.

The subscription is a straightforward process with one flat rate that you can cancel at any time.

Roccabox has previously featured products from brands such as Buxom, Pureology and Murad.

The Pip Box – From £13.50 a month

The Pip Box is great for those who really want to play their part in the cruelty-free movement.

This brand brings you a selection of the best cruelty-free cosmetic brands.

Named after the owner’s dog Pippa, their mission is to end cosmetic testing on animals by informing people about the cruelty of the cosmetics industry.

So, subscribing to The Pip Box is a great way to discover cruelty-free beauty alternatives as you can have the best quality of ethical products delivered straight to you.

This brand also a vegan-friendly box which you can choose when subscribing.

These beauty subscription boxes have an average value of around £45 or more and contain at least five beauty items.

A 50p donation is also made to an animal-friendly charity with each box sold.

Pink Parcel – From £10.50 a month 

Pink Parcel is a beauty box service that is specially designed to make women feel their absolute best during that time of the month.

Their priority is to give women something to look forward to as their period cycle comes around.

Each cycle is taken care of with a delivery of essentials such as pads or tampons (you can select which you prefer) along with treats to perk you up.

This includes indulgent chocolate, soothing teas and even beauty products from cult beauty brands.

The delivery is made just ahead of your period.

All you need to do is let them know which dates you usually get your period on.

The sanitary products are packed away discreetly in fabric pouches.

So, sign up and start your subscription to make you period every bit more bearable.

A pink beauty box with flowers around it

Lovelula – From £12.50 a month

Lovelula is curated especially for natural beauty lovers and will take the hassle out of the hunt for high-quality natural beauty products.

The brand focuses on natural, ethical products and even comes in a recyclable box.

This is the ideal beauty box for those with sensitive skin types as each and every product is only made from the purest and gentlest of ingredients.

Every product is also cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Each box is packed with a minimum of five products and includes a mixture of trial and full-sized products made by premium organic brands.

It has even featured goodies from brands such as Trilogy, Dr Hauschka, RM Beauty and Eco Tools.

Little Known Box – From £12.45 a month

If you are always on the lookout to discover new products, then Little Known box is the beauty subscription service you need.

This brand discovers products from budding brands to give you the newest and most niche beauty products.

Their aim is to recognise new, emerging, under-represented brands and their priority is to prioritize ethical brands such as those whose products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and natural.

Each box comes contains five to six products and you can see what you will get in each box just by visiting their website.

But, if you aren’t completely swayed or satisfied with the contents of the box that month, you can choose the “skip a box” option without cancelling the subscription.

Latest in Beauty – From £16 a month

If you find the element of surprise less appealing, this might be the box for you.

Latest in Beauty allows you to choose the products you want to receive from the products on their website, meaning you won’t receive any unwanted products.

This brand allows you to browse from over 100 products monthly, with a new one added daily.

By creating a profile on their site, this brand will offer tailored recommendations of products for you to choose.

This range includes products from brands such as Burt’s Bees, Revlon and Simple.

Beauty Pie – From £10 a month

Beauty Pie works more like a membership club than a beauty subscription box.

By paying £10 a month for a subscription, members gets access to buy luxury beauty and skincare products for a fraction of its normal price.

This is by only paying the discounted ‘factory’ cost, so members end up saving up to 85 per cent on products.

However, you are limited to spending only £100 per month, retail price.

Or, you can pay £99 for the whole year and get the first two months for free.

The products are then shipped out to you in lightweight, recycled packaging in efforts to be environmentally sustainable.

A wrapped beauty gift package

My Little Box – From £11.95 a month

My Little Box delivers a touch of French chic to your doorstep every month created by a French media company called My Little Paris.

Each box is beautifully packaged with unique illustrations that bring the Parisian theme filled with beauty must-haves including one from their in-house range.

You’ll receive a mini magazine with a box called Little World featuring lifestyle and beauty tips.

You Beauty Discovery  – From £6.95 a month

This subscription allows you to choose two products of your choice and also discover a few extra surprise products too.

You can choose from a selection of shortlisted beauty options from their website.

Once you sign up and subscribe to the box, the brand will send you an email at the beginning each month to invite you to choose the two products you want.

But you have to hurry as they are only available until stock lasts.

The box also contains a few other trial-sized samples of the newest launches in beauty, as well as established brands and cult favourites with a surprise treat each month too.

Along with this, you will also receive a mini magazine as well as a healthy treat or accessory.

Not only is this the cheapest beauty box available, but they also provide free postage and packaging.

The Perfume Society Discovery Box – From £15 a month

This beauty box is the best option for perfume-lovers.

Filled with samples of the latest perfumes and comes with up to eight sample fragrances from brands including Jimmy Choo and Prada.

Subscribers are also treated to sample sized skincare extras such as moisturisers and lotions.

Each scent also comes with a scent card that details each note of the scent too.

This is a great way to figure out your favourite fragrance before spending your money on the full-sized products.

The perfumes are also compact and travel-sized so you can take it with you everywhere in your bag.

A range of beauty and makeup samples

ASOS Box – £12.00

British e-tailer brand ASOS has launched their own beauty line and now has their own limited addition makeup boxes.

But, unlike other beauty subscription boxes, the ASOS box is a one-off, no-subscription beauty box which contains 5 products, 4 of those which are full-sized products.

This brand launches fresh new products every month and combines a handful of these products along with other beauty goodies into a beauty box that will save you more than 70 per cent of the actual price.

The total price of the box values up to £45 if the items were purchased individually, meaning you will be making big savings.

The items in these beauty subscription boxes change up regularly and have previously featured brands such as Sleek, Origins and Ardell among others.

The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box – From £14.95 a month

This brand will make it much easier for you to discover great cruelty-free brands.

Their aim is to put an end to animal testing by introducing their members to great cruelty-free products.

The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box works with various vegan brands and contains 5 products with a value of over £30 if purchased individually.

You can even customise each box according to your preference and skin type by personalising it on their website to suit your style.

All you have to do is fill out a short survey online to see what kind of products you like.

The brand also has a ‘build your own box’ option which is available that allows you to select all five products for £19.95.

The Secret Scent Box – From £13 a month

The Secret Scent Box allows you to discover great new scents at a fraction of the price of purchasing each fragrance individually.

You will get a selection of three mini designer perfumes to try which includes scents from brands such as Versace, Gucci and Marc Jacobs.

The scents come in portable pump bottles which are labelled each fragrance and contain enough product to last you 30 days.

Each perfume also comes with an accompanying fragrance card note which describes the fragrance and its notes.

Nailbox – From £15 a month

Nailbox delivers a premium selection of must-have nail colours and treatments to your door each month.

Each box is packed with five items including a mix of 3 or 4 polishes that are on trend along with nail accessories and treatments.

The brand collaborates with leading brands every month including OPI, Essie and Orly to bring you the highest quality of polishes.

Nailbox also fully researches each month’s box and carefully puts it together to ensure that you never get the same colour twice.

Each product is full-sized, and the box exceeds the retail price of all the products combined meaning you can make savings on your nail products.

The boxes are extremely robust and packaged well to ensure the products arrive at your door each month in great condition.

Bathbox – From £9.99 a month

If you take your baths seriously then you need Bathbox so you can treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation for a luxury bath experience.

Each month a different themed box is delivered to your door packed with five beauty bath items including soap, bath bombs, bath salts and more.

It’s got all the things you need for a perfect bath.

Each of the beauty subscription boxes also comes with an information leaflet containing the product description and how to use it.

But, if you don’t feel like committing yourself to a subscription, you can try out a one-off box for £9.99 instead.

With a huge selection of beauty subscription boxes to choose from, choose one that suits your budget and style best to discover a range of new beauty goodies each month.

To learn more about purchasing affordable makeup, click here to read our article on ‘How to Build an Addordable Makeup Collection on a Budget. 

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