The Best Blush For Your Skin Tone And Face Shape

A selection of different types of blushers

Unfortunately, there is no single blush colour that anybody and everybody can use.

A colour that looks great on medium skin may not be flattering on pale, light skin.

Picking the right blush colour for your skin tone is important to tie your whole makeup look together.

And, during the blush application, use your face shape as a guideline.

This will help to enhance your facial features to give you the fresh, youthful, and radiantly blushed to look.

The beauty of rosy cheeks is an ageless feature that has been appreciated since times immemorial.

Thanks to one of our favourite makeup products – BLUSH!

Whether you prefer a subtle pink flush or a peachy coral hue, there is a blush for it.

You can highlight your cheekbones with it and contour your face.

The colour on the cheeks will also make your skin look fresh and young.

Everyday skin dullness can be gotten rid of with a simple blush application.

There is a never-ending choice available for blushes these days, not pink and peach shades.

The colour range has expanded quite a bit.

It goes from light and bright pinks to dusty mauves, simple corals to vibrant oranges.

You even see deeper shades like berries and reds even.

You obviously do not want to end up looking like a clown.

Hence, it is important to understand which shade to pick to suit your skin tone.

Also, once the right blusher colour is selected, you need to master the application.

Your face shape can be your guide to achieving the blushed cheeks look to suit the occasion!

Here are the cardinal tips for picking the right blusher colour for you.

What Blush Colour Works Best For Each Skin Tone?

A pot of pink blush with a makeup brush near it

The same colour of blush will show up differently on each skin tone.

A particular colour may look flattering on deeper skin but make a lighter skin tone person look ridiculous.

The right blush colour makes a world of a difference for your skin and makeup.

Let us break it down for you going from the lightest to the darkest skin tone.

Fair Skin & Light Skin

It is tricky to pick a shade for pale and light skin.

Almost all colours seem to be dark.

They look stark against the fair skin.

For this skin tone, look for a blusher that resembles the inside of your lip.

A soft, baby pink is a universal option for fair skin and light skin.

Cooler undertones in the pink blush suit many light-skinned people.

A peachy or light coral blush is great if your light skin has yellow undertones.

Satin and sheer formulas look the most natural.

Medium Skin & Olive Skin

The green and yellow undertones in medium skin tone make this a vast category.

A warm coral blush is a great choice here.

It helps to take the attention away from the dullness.

Olive skinned ladies can even go warmer with their peaches and venture towards the apricot shades.

If you prefer a pink blusher, choose a rosy pink coloured one with cooler undertones.

Make sure the pink blush is not chalky and has good pigmentation.

Otherwise, it can make your makeup look muddy.

A mauve blush is another suitable colour for medium skin tone.

It will add the drama you need for a night out with the girls.

Dark Skin

Lighter blusher kits are a waste for darker skin.

They either don’t show up on the skin or look muddy easily.

To highlight your cheeks and get the flushed look, brighter colours are ideal here.

Think deep berry, fuchsia, terracotta, and red-orange shades.

Stick to the pink family if your skin has warmer undertones.

If you have cooler undertones in your dark skin, pick the warmer orange shades.

Deep Skin

Coming to the deepest skin tone of the lot!

You need pigmented reds for your ideal blush colour.

Deeper pinks with cool undertones can be given a try too.

The deep coloured base your skin provides will only let intense reds or pinks show up eventually.

These colours look intimidating in the pan.

However, they translate to a beautiful hue your deep skin look fresh.

What Colours Should You Avoid?

Woman holding a pot of blush with a makeup brush

Single blushes, blusher kits, and blush palettes – the choice is plenty!

So is the choice with the colours.

Use the guidelines given in the previous section to your benefit.

Your skin tone will look the freshest and radiant with the right blush shade on it.

Picking the wrong shade can take you down the ‘clown’ path easily.

If not that, it will make your skin look sallow and your makeup muddy.

The fresh and flushed look is the easiest to achieve when you have the right colour of blush in your collection.

We mentioned that fair skinned people should stick to paler pinks and peaches.

This will help to keep the look as close to the naturally flushed skin as possible.

Dusty rose shades with cool undertones should be avoided.

It can look chalky and unnatural on light skin.

Look for colours with a sheer or satin finish to make them look more realistic.

Stay away from deeper colours like rosy pinks, plums, and warm corals.

For medium skin tone, make sure the rosy pink blush you choose has a deep hue.

Otherwise, sheer versions of the colour look muddy on the skin.

Olive skin tones should stick to colours with some orange in it.

The warmth of such colours brings out the beauty of this skin tone.

Plum shades should be avoided by olive skin tone as the cool undertone makes this skin tone look dull and ashy.

There is no point in using any of the lighter pinks and corals for deep and dark skin tones.

Pigmented blushes are necessary to be visible.

How To Determine Your Face Shape For Correct Blush Application?

Woman applying blusher with a brush onto her face

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somebody invented a face shape detector?

Making decisions about makeup application, what shape of glasses to wear, and many others would become so easy.

Well, nobody has still thought of an ingenious idea for a face shape detector yet.

But, worry not!

The process of determining your face shape for correct blush application (and other things) is not that difficult.

You can do it yourself.

Step One – Widest Part Of Your Face

Locate the part of your face that is the widest.

If it is your forehead, then you most likely have heart-shaped or triangle face shape.

A wider forehead is also seen in the case of oval face shape.

When the cheeks are the widest part of your face, then a round face shape is likely.

For the cases where the jaw is the widest part of the face, the face shape is often square.

Step Two – Shape Of Your Jaw

An angled jaw for a face that tapers as we go down towards the chin is a heart face shape.

Round and oblong (or oval) face shapes have a rounded jaw with no distinctive point.

The strongest jawline is seen for square face shape.

It is angular but not pointy.

Step Three – Length Of Your Face

Imagine two lines on your face.

One line goes horizontally across the face and under the eyes.

The second line goes vertically from your forehead to the chin.

When the ratio between these two lines is one to one, you have a round face shape.

If the vertical line is slightly longer than the horizontal one, you could have a square or triangle face shape.

An oval or oblong face has the vertical line to horizontal line difference pretty evident.

Be your own face shape detector with these three steps.

Use this knowledge to apply the blusher correctly. More tips on this are given in the next section.

How To Correctly Apply Blush To Flatter Each Face Shape?

Woman wearing blush touching her cheek

Aiming the apple of your cheeks with your blush brush is a technique of the past.

Flattering the face shape and bone structure with your blusher kit is the new thing.

The strategic blush placement can enhance your features even further.

Heart Face Shape

This face shape tends to have prominent cheeks that blush can be used to emphasize.

Start with applying the blusher on the apple of your cheeks.

Now, drag the brush along the cheekbones up towards your temples.

This forms a C-shape, almost.

Blend the blush to achieve a gradual gradient effect on your triangle face shape.

Square Face Shape

The wide jawline for square face shapes needs to be softened with correct blush application.

Concentrate the rouge on the apples of the cheeks and keep it close to the nose.

Softly drag some of the colour towards the hairline.

The technique involves applying the blush from end to end of your brows.

This will soften the harshness of the strong jawline.

The cheeks appear more rounded.

Round Face Shape

A round face has the maximum space for blush application.

The cheeks are full of volume and wide.

Use the smile technique or make the fish face to bring out the fullest part of your cheeks.

Apply blush evenly all over this area.

Blend towards the temples and also towards your earlobes.

This will accentuate the cheekbones and give your spherical face a sculpted look.

Make sure to not drag the blusher towards your nose.

Oval And Oblong Face Shape

These face shapes do not have prominent foreheads or chins.

The best technique to apply blush to flatter this face shape is applying it horizontally.

Take the blush from the middle of the cheeks towards the earlobes at a slightly upward angle.

Transformative Blush Tricks To Enhance Your Features

Woman wearing blush

We spoke about specific tricks that different face shapes can use to flatter their features in the previous section.

Apart from those tricks, there are many other blush tricks that will transform the way you see blush.

Trick 1

When you know you are going to be photographed, stick to matte blush cosmetics.

The finely milled powder blends easily and gives a more naturally flushed look in high definition photography.

Trick 2

Reach for the cream blushes if you have dry skin or rosacea.

Tap it on the apple of the cheeks with your fingertips or use a beauty blender.

The cream consistency will not emphasize the dry patches and still enhance your cheekbones.

Trick 3

Cream blushes win over powder ones when the result expected is a youthful flush on the cheeks.

Use a damp beauty blender for an even application.

Trick 4

For glowy skin, pick a blush with a bit of sheen to it.

Do not use glittery blushes as they emphasize texture.

Apply shimmery or satin finish ones to make the skin look like it is radiant from within.

Trick 5

The latest trick in the blush business is using two tones of blushers.

The lighter and subtle is applied to the entire cheekbone area.

This is topped off with a dusting of the brighter tone just on the apples.

Trick 6

Apply a highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbones after applying our favourite rouge.

This will emphasize the cheekbones further and make you glow in the right light.

Blush Application Mistakes To Avoid

Making blunders with blush application is not that common but it happens nonetheless.

Correct application will make you look radiant and refreshed.

On the other hand, the wrong application will ruin your entire look.

Use a Good Blush Brush

Blusher kits come with their own blush brush, which is pretty much useless.

It is tiny in most cases and does not pick the product properly.

The application process is choppy.

This makes the blush look muddy and uneven.

Use a proper blush brush for better blusher application.

If the blush is applied and blended properly, you can easily enhance your cheeks with it.

Your fingertips or a damp blending sponge is the appropriate tool for cream blush cosmetics.

Set Your Foundation First

But, before you apply the blush, set your liquid foundation in place with a powder.

Applying the matte blush powder (or shimmery one) directly on top is a big no-no.

It will go on patchy and streaky.

For cream blushes, you can apply them to the foundation directly.

Set the rest of the face with powder after applying all the liquid and cream products.

Use a Blush That Suits Your Skin Tone

Follow our guidelines given in the previous sections to pick a blush that suits your skin tone.

Picking darker hues for fair skin or lighter colours for dark skin will lead to disappointment for sure.

Build the Blush in Layers

Always go in with a light hand in the beginning.

It is easy to build up the blush colour by adding layers.

However, starting off heavy-handed will deposit a lot of colour on your skin, which can prove difficult to tone down.

Avoid stark lines by blending it enough around the edges.

You do not want to have a wide pink stripe across your cheek.

Stick to matte blushes if you have texture.

The shimmer in the radiant blushes will emphasize the bumps, patches, and pores even more.

Hence, shimmery blushes are best avoided in this case.

The Best Blush Palettes For All Skin Tones

Woman holding a blush palette and makeup brush

Individual matte blushes, satin blushes, and shimmery blushes are many.

Buying them separately can be a big blow to your wallet.

This is where blush palettes become the most feasible purchase to make.

They include multiple colours and even finishes for the blushers.

More often than not, they work across different skin tones too.

You can even use them as eyeshadow and DIY lip tints. Here are our top four blush palettes.

Tarte Blush Blish Blush Palette

The rich colours of this palette have our heart.

The blushers are well pigmented and intense.

A light hand is a way to go with these colours.

The palette includes warm pinks and peaches in both matte and satin formulations.

The Amazonian clay in the blush formulation is just an added benefit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio

These trios come in different variations  – there is a combination for every skin tone.

Anastasia’s blushes have excellent payoff and pigmentation.

With a shimmery blush in a few of the trios, your choice becomes wider here.

The powders are finely milled and are free from phthalates, parabens, and sulfates.

NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

This has eight colours in the palette ranging from beautiful matte blushes to shimmery ones.

So many colours can give you different looks and match the other makeup you are applying.

These blushes are highly pigmented and last all day on the skin.

The multiple colour options make this a versatile blusher palette that can be used by all skin tones.

Maybelline Master Blush Palette

The colour options in this affordable blusher palette are great.

There is a coral, a pink and a crimson shade.

You can use them individually and mix them up by dipping your brush in two different colours.

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