Radiant Skin: Makeup And Skincare Tips For Luminous, Glowing Skin Inside Out

A woman with dewy, glowing skin

Radiant skin is the key to looking healthy and fresh.

Cultivating healthy skin care and lifestyle habits help you to achieve glowing skin.

Soft and hydrated skin that has a natural sheen is considered as glowing skin.

To achieve healthy-looking, radiant skin, a few simple but necessary changes in your routine can help.

We are spilling all the glowing skin secrets for you in this article.

How To Care For Your Skin So It Is Healthy And Glowy?

Woman with a healthy and glowing complexion

Skincare forms a big part of the changes you need to make to get glowing skin.

With the right glow skin care, your skin becomes healthier.

And healthy skin has its own radiance naturally.

Here is how to care for your skin to make it healthy and glowy.

Cleanse Your Skin

All the dirt, pollutants, and makeup remnants from the face should be washed off thoroughly at the end of the day.

Cleansing also helps to remove any excess oils that are being secreted by the skin.

Gentle Exfoliation

Dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface and in pores.

They make the skin appear dull and flaky.

Clogged pores lead to acne easily.

Hence, it is important to get rid of this debris from the skin’s surface on a regular basis.

Physical exfoliants like face scrubs are great for this purpose.

Use a scrub one to two times a week to keep the face glowing.

Chemical exfoliants are also a favourable option.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are the popular ones here.

Apply A Face Mask

If you don’t do this already, then it is best you start right away.

Face masks for glowing skin are superb at achieving the desired results.

Depending on your skin type, pick a face mask that suits your skin’s needs the best.

The right mask contributes to a great extent to clearing up congestion in the skin cells and even removing dead skin cells.

Skin rejuvenation is another benefit of using face masks.


All the cleansing and exfoliation leaves the skin a bit dehydrated.

This is where the moisturizer becomes essential.

The nourishing nutrients and hydration moisturizers provide the skin with a dewy and fresh look.

Like the face mask, pick a moisturizer that is meant for your skin type.

Gel-based moisturizers suit oily skin and cream based ones suit dry to normal skin.

Apply the moisturizer every time after you wash your face.

Lather Up The Sunscreen

The sun damages the skin in more ways than you can think of.

Using a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 helps to keep the skin protected.

Check for a broad spectrum coverage sunscreen or sunblock.

These creams protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Ideally, apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out.

Re-apply every two to three hours if there is prolonged sun exposure.

Use Radiance Serums

Adding a radiance serum to your nighttime skin routine makes a huge difference.

They are loaded with antioxidants and skin rejuvenation ingredients.

Vitamin C is another great ingredient that many serums contain.

All of these ingredients reverse the skin damage and reduce discolouration and dullness.

While doing all of these steps, do not forget to take care of the skin around the eyes.

Target the dark circles and puffy eyes with hydrating eye creams and gels.

What DIY Skin Care Products Can You Use To Brighten The Skin?

Woman with dewy and glowing skin

Our glowing skin secrets would be incomplete without some DIY solutions.

These home remedies for glowing skin are relied upon by many women.

They use natural ingredients that have beneficial properties for the skin.

Getting radiant skin doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money on glowing skin products.

These remedies are affordable on the pocket.

They are also free from harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives of any kind.

Papaya Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Items Needed:

  • 2-3 pieces ripe papaya
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon clay powder or Fuller’s Earth powder


  1. Mash the papaya pieces thoroughly to get a smooth texture.
  2. Add the Fuller’s Earth or clay powder to this along with the honey.
  3. Mix everything together and apply on the face.
  4. Leave the face mask on for 10 minutes and then, wash it off.

Skin Brightening Face Mask

Items Needed:

  • 1-2 tablespoons gram flour
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice
  • A pinch of turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon milk


  1. Mix all the ingredients together to get a smooth paste.
  2. Apply this paste on the face and let it dry naturally for about 10 minutes.
  3. Wash the face pack off using tepid water.

Sandalwood Face Mask For Radiant Skin

Items Needed:

  • 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder
  • Rosewater
  • 1-2 drops rosehip essential oil


  1. To the sandalwood powder, add enough rosewater to get a paste of medium consistency.
  2. Now, add the rosehip oil to it and mix well.
  3. Apply the face pack on the face and leave it on for about 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse it off and pat the skin dry.

How To Detox Your Skin From The Inside For A Clear Complexion?

Woman with glowing and dewy skin

Your skin needs TLC not just on the surface but also from the inside.

Shiny skin that is plump and radiant needs an internal detox of the body.

Toxins build up in the body and affect the skin’s radiance.

They impair essential skin rejuvenation and renewal processes.

A skin detox from the inside can be done by incorporating the following items in your diet.


Watermelon is rich in both water and lycopene.

The water content helps to flush out the toxins from the body and also hydrate the skin.

The lycopene content works as an antioxidant and fights damage caused by free radicals.


Be it raspberries, blueberries or any other type of berries, they are all excellent for the skin.

They are rich in antioxidants that reduce the toxin load in the body and thus, the skin.

Sun damage reduces and the skin also becomes firmer and plump.


The beta carotene in beetroot detoxifies the blood.

It also contains vitamins C, B3, and B6 which help in the detoxification process.

Additionally, these vitamins play important roles in various skin processes.


The fibre found in apples absorbs the toxins and eliminates them from the body.

The digestive tract detoxification occurs.

Not to forget, apples offer excellent reserves of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and other skin-friendly compounds.

Concoct your own ‘super’ drink using these food items or simply eat them as is to detox your skin from the inside.

The famous detox water with lemon and cucumber slices is a good way to detox the body as well.

Put in some mint leaves to add a refreshing touch to the drink.

How To Get Luminous Skin With Makeup?

Woman with pink hair wearing makeup for dewy skin

Achieving radiant skin with home remedies and glowing skin products takes a few weeks.

The results start to build up eventually.

When desperate times arise, makeup is the trick to use to get luminous skin.

Just like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce!

Start With Skin Care

Prep your skin before applying any makeup.

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize it.

Another important part of skin prep for glowing skin is primer application.

Use a strobing cream or a hydrating primer to add more dewiness.

Base Products Come Next

For your foundation, steer away from the trending matte formulas.

Instead, opt for hydrating or illuminating foundations.

Use a blending sponge to apply the foundation.

This will retain the dewy, refreshing look best.

Next comes the concealer.

Conceal under the eyes to hide the dark circles and dullness.

Use a contouring product to create shadows and emphasize your facial structure.

Set And Apply Blush

Use a light dusting of translucent powder to set the base makeup in place.

Do not buff the powder into the skin as this mattifies the dewy look you had going on.

Apply a natural looking blush to retain the fresh and radiant look.

Apply Highlighter

The main step to getting luminous skin with makeup is using a highlighter.

Use a fan brush or a small fluffy brush for this.

Highlight the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and even the forehead slightly.

If you have dry skin, use a liquid highlighter and pat it onto the skin.

Use A Setting Spray Or Mist

Spritz on a setting spray to lock everything into place.

Doing this makes your makeup last longer.

Dewy setting sprays or hydrating ones are great alternatives here.

They add some extra glow to the already luminous skin.

Lifestyle Changes And Healthy Habits For Radiant Skin

Woman applying lotion to her hand

Inculcating healthy habits into your lifestyle are small but significant steps for radiant skin.

We have highlighted the best changes you can make below.

Apply Your Skincare Products In The Right Order

The sequence in which you apply your skin care products is important.

Start with the thinner and water-based formulas first.

An example here is radiance serums.

They are well absorbed into freshly cleansed skin.

Follow this up with moisturizers and facial oils.

The right order helps in better absorption of the key ingredients in these glow skin care products.

Get Enough Sleep

Developing a proper sleep routine is important.

This is the time when the skin’s repair mechanisms are most active.

Go to bed on time and get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

Let your skin do its repair and renewal so that you wake up with naturally radiant skin.

Maintain Good Hygiene 

Maintain hygiene when it comes to your makeup tools and brushes.

This is also important for your phone.

Wash makeup brushes regularly to keep bacteria (and hence acne) away.

Use antibacterial wipes in the case of your phone.

That screen is dirtier than you could imagine.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Abstain from smoking.

The harmful chemicals in smoke are harmful to the entire body, including the skin.

Also, try and limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.

They are diuretic in nature.

They easily affect the natural hydration levels of the skin and make it appear dull.

Also, make sure you incorporate physical activity into your routine at least thrice a week.

The increased blood circulation from exercising imparts your skin with the inner glow that you desire.

What Are The Best Products To Use For Glowy Skin?

Woman holding a compact mirror and looking into it

There is no dearth of products in the market that claims to make your skin radiant and glowy.

Some work and some don’t!

Use our tried and tested list the next time you are on the hunt for a skin glow cream or a skin care product for glowing skin.

Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer

This gel-based moisturizer works for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin.

The ginseng and caffeine in rejuvenate the skin.

They banish dullness and render a natural glow to your skin.

Murad Essential-C Cleanser

A gentle cleanser that even the sensitive skin type can use!

Its vitamin A content tightens the skin.

Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin whereas, vitamin E provides the moisturization.

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

This mask is a personal favourite!

The results are noticeable just after one application.

Your skin is radiant and bright with the help of its vitamin C.

There is not one but two types of vitamin C in this mask.

It also contains powerful antioxidants to counter free radical damage.

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

The non-greasy formula contains amino acids, triglycerides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and much more.

It hydrates the skin and restores the refreshing, dewy look.

This product is silicone free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

A good exfoliant like the Ren’s AHA Tonic helps to increase cell turnover rates and reduce dullness.

It gets rid of the dead skin cells gently with the help of lactic acid and azelaic acid.

Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

This radiance serum contains both alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

It dissolves the dead skin cells that are latched onto the skin and removes them.

Discolouration and pigmentation lighten and fine lines reduce too.

The result is an even complexion that is radiant.

To learn more about how to achieve glowing skin, click here to read our article on ‘Yoga For Glowing Skin: The Skin Benefits of Doing Yoga.’ 

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