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Korean skincare entered the Western beauty market a while ago and has stayed strong ever since.

Western brands have launched products that match different Korean skincare steps to appeal to their consumers.

The most popular of all is the 10-step Korean skincare routine steps that have been tried and tested by thousands.

Your skin is bound to benefit from these steps if you follow through. Here’s more on it!


Healthy skin is wanted by one and all.

The trend of glass skin where it looks super moisturized, supple, and youthful, is the result of effective products used following the Korean skincare order.

This trend has picked up rather quickly and your dilemma of ‘where to buy Korean skincare’ is easily resolved, thanks to most brands launching new K-beauty style products.

Before you head out the door to grab products to your very own Korean skincare routine steps, read below to know more about each step.

This will help to determine which step to add your personal routine from the 10-step Korean skincare order.


(1) Oil Cleanser

An oil based cleanser will help break down products like makeup and sunscreen on the skin.

This will also help to remove the excess oil from the skin and pollutants.

(2) Cream Cleanser

Water based impurities like dirt and sweat are removed from the skin with the help of a foaming or cream cleanser.

The double cleanse using an oil and cream or foam cleanser separately helps to remove all types of impurities from the face.

No residues are left and the skin is ready to absorb all the ingredients freely from the products that follow.

(3) Toner

Now that the skin is cleansed, using a toner will help to balance the pH levels and prep the skin for the next product.

Toners are of different types and can contain various beneficial ingredients to address different skin concerns.

A cotton ball or pad, or even your hands can be used to pat the toner onto the skin.

(4) Essence

This watery solution is the next layer you’ll apply to your skin.

Essences are meant to hydrate the skin and also help in maintaining a healthy cellular turnover.

(5) Emulsion

An emulsion adds further hydration and moisturization to the skin.

Variants to address multiple skin concerns exist for this product.

For Korean skincare for dry skin, an emulsion can add the necessary moisturization your skin needs.

Oily skin types often prefer to skip this step, to avoid looking greasy.

(6) Serum/Ampoule

Highly concentrated with advantageous ingredients, a serum or an ampoule is the next layer you’ll apply on your skin.

They are thicker in texture than an emulsion or essence.

This layer provides that extra boost of moisture and active ingredients to target specific skin concerns.

(7) Sheet Mask

The most popular step that has been raved about in multiple Korean skincare blogs, sheet masks can be found everywhere in the market.

The serum-drenched sheet is meant to be kept on the skin for about 15 minutes.

It, thoroughly, dowses the skin cells with healthy ingredients.

(8) Eye Cream

Break the misconception that only people over 40 need to use an eye cream!

Start using one as a preventative measure to keep the skin around your eyes looking youthful and hydrated.

Keeping this part of the face moisturized is important as it lacks any sebaceous glands and can easily develop fine lines due to dehydration.

women puting on her makeup in front of the mirror(9) Moisturizer

This layer is meant to be the occlusive layer of thick cream that locks in the moisture from the previous steps and keeps your skin supple all day or all night.

Depending on your skin type, pick a moisturizer that delivers just the right amount of moisturization needed.

(10 A) Sunscreen (AM Step)

The last step of the 10-step Korean skincare routine is applying a sunscreen – that is when you’re following this routine in the morning and will be stepping out.

An SPF of 30 is recommended by K-beauty experts and dermatologists to keep the skin protected from the harmful UV rays.

(10 B) Sleeping Mask (PM Step)

When following this routine at night, you have the option of adding another layer of hydration by using a sleeping mask.

This is usually a night cream that will rejuvenate your skin while you get some beauty sleep.


The Korean skincare routine seems lengthy and time-consuming but follow it for a week and you will see the difference already.

If you are just starting out, add a few steps from it to your routine without getting overwhelmed.

In the end, it is always important to do what is best for our skin!!

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