How To Wear Glitter Makeup On Sensitive Skin

Gold glitter makeup pot spilling glitter on pink background

Sensitive skin can easily react to new products, be it skin care or makeup.

But if you have been eyeing the glitter makeup trend for a while and have been deterred from giving it a try due to your sensitive skin, we have good news.

A patch test and some petroleum jelly (or even glitter glue) are all you need to worry about.

So don’t worry; glitter can safely be worn on the sensitive skin and can even be removed without having to irritate the skin.

Keep reading as we show you how easily you can experiment with glitter on your sensitive skin.

Fun, sparkly glitter makeup is a path waiting to be explored by you.

Getting on Board with the Glitter Trend

Lady applying glitter makeup to cheeks with makeup brush

The glitter makeup trend keeps coming in and out of fashion.

Apart from being a go-to for party makeup, music festivals are another place where glitter in your makeup is taken seriously.

Women go all out with their looks and want to add just that extra jazz and sizzle with some glitter in their makeup.

This can be a simple glitter eyeliner, glitter eyeshadow or even some amazing designs made with glitter on the body.

To wear glitter on sensitive skin can seem scary because you know how your skin loves to react to anything and everything.

But, this doesn’t have to be the case.

If the necessary research is done and some precautions are taken, you can flaunt that glitter makeup look like a diva any day.

Just make sure to pick suitable glitter products that are meant for use on the skin (not the one from the craft store) and the right tools to apply it.

We have broken down the glitter makeup for sensitive skin enigma for you.

Keep reading to be dazzled.

How Can Glitter Affect Sensitive Skin?

Lady with purple glitter makeup on eyelid

Sensitive skin is prone to reacting to triggers in the surroundings causing rashes, redness, and swelling.

The allergic reaction is mostly characterized as contact dermatitis because the skin reacts when it comes in contact with the allergen.

Glitter is a makeup product that can, in some cases, cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin.

The sharpness of the glitter particles can irritate the skin and produce redness and rashes.

Irritation can also be triggered because of the chemical components of the glitter particles.

Glitter is technically plastic that is coloured and ground to the desired particle size.

Different types of plastics can be used to manufacture glitter.

Polyurethane terephthalate is one such plastic but this is not an FDA approved base material and can cause skin irritation easily.


Like any other product that is meant to be applied to the skin, a patch test is the best way to know if the glitter that you plan to use in your makeup routine is safe for use for your sensitive skin or not.

Place the glitter particles on the inside part of your forearm and leave it there for a few minutes.

Remove the glitter and observe the skin for the next one to two days.

If no reaction develops, you can safely use the glitter to get all dolled up for the next party or festival.

What Type Of Glitter Is Best To Use

Colorful glitter makeup in plastic pots

The glitter section at the craft store might draw you in, but you definitely want to stay away from if you plan to use on your face or body.

Glitter used for crafts is harsh with sharp edges and can even cut your skin.

Cosmetic grade glitter which is meant for use as a makeup product should be used not just for sensitive skin but for all skin types.

How to Apply Glitter to Sensitive Skin

Colorful glitter makeup particles scattered all over

Glitter application can be a tricky business as you want it to last for the entire event but still be easy to take off at the end of the day.

Glitter glues or glitter primers are available from different brands like NYX, Tarte, Lit Cosmetics, etc. that are meant to ‘keep the glitter on’.

They provide the sticky base that will help the shimmer particles to adhere to the skin easily and stay in place.

For sensitive skin, glitter glues can work well but a patch test is always recommended to screen for any allergic reactions.

Other options for sensitive skin include petroleum jelly, aloe vera gel or a skin balm.

To apply glitter, follow these steps –

  • Apply the glitter glue or petroleum jelly to the area you want to apply the glitter on.

Let it sit on your skin for a few seconds.

  • Take the glitter carefully on a flat, synthetic brush and pat it softly onto the glitter glue.

Do not swipe the brush or use any back and forth motion.

  • Keep dipping your brush into the glitter pot and patting it on the skin until you have covered the entire area in a layer of the glitter particles.
  • Let the glitter set for a minute or two before you continue with the rest of the makeup.

For glitter that has fallen on other areas of the face or body, use a clean fluffy brush to dust it off.

Masking tape can also be used for adamant particles.

How To Remove It Safely?

Gold glitter makeup spilling from plastic pot on pink background

If you thought to remove waterproof mascara was the worst thing ever, try getting rid of glitter!

Glitter particles are absolutely tiny and can be a pain to remove completely from the skin.

They can get stuck in nooks and corners without showing any chances of coming off easily.

Makeup experts who have plenty of experience in removing glitter and shimmer particles have passed on their wisdom for the general public to utilize.

An oil-based makeup remover that is meant for sensitive skin is your best bet when trying to remove glitter from the face, especially from sensitive areas like the eyes and the lips.

Soak a cotton pad in the makeup remover and place it on the skin.

Press it gently for a minute or so and then using circular motions, wipe the glitter makeup away.

Use another cotton pad, if required.

For particles that remain in between your eyelashes, use a Q tip dipped in the makeup remover.

Once you have removed as much of the glitter as possible, rinse your face with a cleanser.

Then, use a soft flannel towel to pat the skin dry.

To remove body glitter, using your makeup remover might turn out to be a very expensive option.

Instead, use virgin coconut oil or olive oil to rub the glitter areas in circular motions.

This will detach the glitter gently from the skin.

Then you can use a soft towel to wipe away the glitter particles.

Masking tape can also be used to remove any remnants.

If you do not have a makeup remover or a good quality natural oil, the next best option would baby oil.

The ingredients used in it are safe for a baby’s skin which is very sensitive.

This means that it can be a great alternative to remove glitter safely for adults with sensitive skin.

What Body/Facial Glitter Products Are Best For Sensitive Skin?

Pink glitter makeup on girl's hands on yellow background

Glitter products are often difficult to formulate into liquid forms.

Many brands prefer to sell them just in their pure glitter form making their use versatile.

This means that they can be used on the face or the body.

All you would need is a good quality glitter glue that is meant for cosmetic usage.

While glitters in different shapes and sizes are the most common glitter products available.

Some liquid versions are also available, which are safer options for use on sensitive skin.

Here is a list of a few popular glitter products for the face and body:

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

This product is a hot favourite among makeup experts and makeup enthusiasts.

The gel formula used to suspend the glitter makes it easy to apply.

It also comes with a thin brush that can help to achieve a great glitter winged eye too.

Urban Decay boasts of the formula containing peach extract, carrot extract, and cucumber extract to keep your skin conditioned and smooth.

This amazing glitter product comes in 11 shades.

Topshop Beauty Glitter Pots

Buy the pot with loose glitter instead of the one mixed with a base product to avoid any reactions from the components of the base.

It comes in fun shades like pink and lilac.

They even sell a copper toned one for the less experimenting folk.

Wish Upon A Sparkle Range

 This website has a great variety of sparkly, fun glitters to amp up your look.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly version of favourite shimmery glitter they even have a few shades of glitter available in the biodegradable range.

Wild Glitter Range

 Olivia, the founder of the brand is self-confessed glitter lover and festival enthusiast.

She started this brand to reduce the impact of cosmetic glitter usage on the environment.

All the glitter varieties from her brand are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and biodegradable.

Now you can sport your favourite glitter makeup trend with a clean conscience.

So get ready to sparkle for the next music festival you and your girlies are planning to go to!

To learn more about products for sensitive skin, click here to read our article on How To Use Retinol On Sensitive Skin. 

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