How to Reapply Sunscreen While Wearing Makeup

Sunscreen is an indispensable part of our skincare practice. Even when we are putting our makeup on, we need to wear SPF underneath in order to provide proper sun protection to our skin. Annoyingly, the effects of sunscreen fade away as the product gets degraded by the sunlight over time. Hence, we need to reapply it every 2-3 hours. However, the reapplication of sun protection without ruining the makeup turns out to be a tough challenge.

woman applying sunscreen to her made-up cheeks.

But don’t worry, we have you covered!

By touching up your makeup with products that contain SPF, you can keep your skin protected.  Keep reading to learn more tips and tricks in addition to this one.

How Can Sunscreen Ruin Your Makeup?

What, according to you, is the biggest beauty mystery ever? Well, for a large number of beauty enthusiasts, it is reapplying sunscreen whilst wearing makeup.

Firstly, the idea of slathering a layer of wet sunscreen on made-up skin itself is enough to make you wince. Secondly, you may be clueless about how to touch up your sun protection without messing up your carefully applied makeup.   And thirdly, it may be hard to figure out what the need is to reapply sunscreen.

In fact, most of us are guilty of applying sunscreen only in the morning and forgetting to reapply it throughout the day. We know perfectly well how essential it is to include sunscreen in our daily skincare routine. We are also familiar with the pro tip that sun protection creams need to be reapplied every 2 to 3 hours for the utmost protection. But when it comes to practising the same, we have a running list of reasons to give it a miss. 

woman wearing a hat with sunscreen on her cheeks.

While spreading a layer of sunscreen on top of that perfected foundation sounds unappealing, it is crucial for preventing the UV rays of the sun from causing skin damage.

So, how often should you apply SPF and how to do it without messing up your makeup?

Don’t worry. We got you covered!

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Why Reapply Sunscreen and How Often to Do It?

If you are covering your skin with a veil of sunscreen right before heading out in the morning and then neglecting the touch-up part to avoid a makeup meltdown, you are putting the health of your skin at stake! 

Once you know why it is important to re-up on your sun protection throughout the day and decode the rules of doing it successfully, it won’t remain a challenge anymore.

a close up of a woman applying SPF to her cheeks outside.    

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UV Radiation is Notorious

Every time you come back indoors from a day in the sun with a painfully roasted skin, the notorious UV radiation is to be blamed. It can happen even if you are religious about your morning sunscreen routine and it can even lead to serious conditions, such as premature ageing, skin cancer, etc.

The secret to averting sun damage lies in choosing broad-spectrum protection that can combat both UVA and UVB rays effectively.  You should also pay attention to reapplying it several times throughout the day, in the required amounts.  

No Protection is Fool Proof

However, no sunscreen can block harmful UV rays completely to give you fool proof protection. You may slather yourself with sunscreen and spend hours in the sun without getting a burn, thereby giving you a false sense of security. But remember, your skin is still being damaged.

Even the most potent sunscreen formula starts breaking down after a couple of hours, thanks to the sunlight and the sebum secreted by our own skin. Moreover, we may never apply enough of it in the very first place. Hence, putting it on all over, again and again, becomes vital.  

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Follow Expert Recommendations

The reliability of the SPF number present on the label of your sun protection bottle can vary on a variety of factors. This includes the amount of oil produced by your skin, the duration of your sun exposure, time of the day, etc.

So, follow expert recommendations for putting a stop to skin damage caused by sunlight.

  • Apply a full ounce of sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out and reapply it at least twice a day – if not more.
  • While avoiding the outdoors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. is always advised, you must otherwise apply the sunscreen every couple of hours during this time.
  • Keep adding extra layers of sunscreen if you are swimming, doing strenuous activities, or simply sweating a lot during those long summer days.

woman wearing makeup and applying sunscreen.

How to Apply Sunscreen underneath the Makeup?

Before kick-starting your makeup routine, finish your skincare routine like a pro with a generous application of sunscreen. An adequate amount of the product under your makeup will help you start strong by prepping your skin with much-needed protection.  

The market is flooded with a plethora of regular moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, foundation, and even compact that all come with SPF. However, none of them can offer as much coverage as having sun protection beneath the makeup can provide. So, make sure to spread an ounce of sunscreen all over your face right before you apply the moisturiser.

Focus not only on the major areas like cheeks and forehead but also on the regions. Don’t forget about the hairline, sides of the cheeks, upper cheekbones, jawline, and neck. These areas tend to get damaged the most. Keep rubbing until the product feels slick on the skin and until it has absorbed fully.

Apart from preventing skin damage, this will also ensure that your makeup stays in place instead of sliding off your face. Now, as you have aced your base, continue with your makeup!

Tip: For a sunscreen underneath the makeup, a lightweight lotion enriched with skin-soothing ingredients will be a more comfortable choice than a thick and tacky product.

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Four Ways to Reapply Sunscreen over Makeup

woman holding a bottle of sunscreen product over her made up face.

No, reapplying sunscreen does not essentially mean sacrificing your early-morning makeup masterpiece. It is actually a whole lot easier than including a few dollops of sunscreen in your daily skincare routine under the layers of makeup.

Following are the tricks on how to get rid of this common conundrum.

Layer up Your Protection

Double up your sun protection by topping your sunscreen with SPF-infused makeup products. This way you won’t need to fret about the reapplication every few hours.

While they individually are not the best choice for shielding the skin against the damaging UV rays, they can strengthen the coverage offered by your sunscreen. Furthermore, this can boost your skin’s glow underneath.

Sweep a regular moisturiser, or even better, a tinted moisturiser with some built-in SPF all over your sunscreen. Then, layer it up with a lightweight foundation or a BB cream that consists of SPF 30 or more. This will make it super easy for you to add extra defence to skin-perfecting makeup.

Tip: Steer clear of powdered makeup products while using this combination in order to avoid build-ups and cakeyness.

Brush on Powder Sunscreen

Powder your face on the go and you will be protecting it from the detrimental effects of the sun efficiently. We’re talking about powder sunscreens that come in the form of loose setting powder and can easily be applied by sweeping the brush directly over the face in a circular motion. Your makeup will be locked in place and will not feel heavy at all.

close up of a woman applying sunscreen over her makeup.

These brush-on mineral sunscreens are made to keep the skin hydrated and smooth throughout the day. Some of them also feature a water-resistant formula that is perfect for a delicate matte finish on a hot and humid day.

Just find your right shade and apply a couple of coats for a smudge-free mid-day touch-up along with excellent protection from skin damage.

Touch Up with Compact Sunscreen

Not impressed with powder? Go for a tinted compact that comes packed with great sun-blockers. It creates a physical barrier to the harsh UV rays, thus being much more effective over makeup.

The lightweight finishing powder also allows you to touch up and even out the makeup while reapplying SPFSimply pat it on your face with a sponge and let this great on-the-go defence work for you.

Set it with Spray-On Sunscreen

Replace your regular makeup setting spray with a spray-on sunscreen for a quick reapplication fix. This is a superfine mist with built-in sun protection that neither smears your makeup nor creates a white film on it.

woman spraying liquid onto her face, with a white background.

All you need to do is spritz it on thoroughly and your skin will be shielded from the UV radiation. The hydrating and refreshing mist also ensures a smooth and long-lasting finish for your makeup along with an ultra-luxurious feel.

Tip: Each application of the spray-on sunscreen dispenses way less than the recommended amount of product. Hence why you should try to reapply it twice every hour.

Reapplication Essentials to Carry in Handbag

Remember, your favourite broad-spectrum sunscreen is the queen. Your morning skincare routine is clearly incomplete without it. But when it comes to quick sunscreen touch-ups for putting a stop to skin damage, there are some awesome add-ons to embrace.

Here are the essentials that you need to keep in your handbag to stay on top of your sunscreen game.

it's summer: woman, wearing sunglasses, smiling whilst stood on the pavement, with trees and blurred sunshine behind her.

Clear Sunscreen Mist

Nothing could be easier to carry and apply than a lightweight and clear mist. Spritz it on your makeup and it will dry matte in just a few minutes. Try to pick one without oil, alcohol, and fragrance for a breakout-free, healthy skin.

Powder Sunscreen

Available in travel-friendly packaging, this dry sunscreen is an ideal choice for the summertime. Make sure to apply it like any face powder every 2-3 hours for a matte look.

Choose a shade of powder sunscreen that matches your skin tone from a variety of shades including translucent.

Tinted Sunscreen Lotion

If you have oily skin, keep a small bottle of a tinted sun protection lotion or BB cream handy for double-duty actions. Opt for a medium sheer tint with a matte finish.   

Sunscreen Foundation

An easy to blend sunscreen foundation with a creamy texture is what you need for both protection and coverage. Be sure to make sure that the sunscreen foundation offers a buildable dewy finish and, importantly, that the shade matches your skin tone.

Spray-On Sunscreen

This is the finer version of the clear spray that comes with a soothing and re-hydrating formula. If you are looking for a fast-absorbing solution with mattifying effects, this is a must for you.  Pick the most suitable spray-on sunscreen formula and let it make its way to your purse.

close up of a person squeezing SPF/Sunscreen into their hand from a tube.

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