How to Apply Makeup Easily If You Are Left-Handed

Woman applying makeup in the mirror with her left hand

Lucky or not, being left-handed can be a boon and a bane at the same time.

When it comes to applying makeup, with your left hand being your dominant hand, mistakes you can easily avoid become more common than you’d think.

Do not let this dishearten you as simple tricks such as using angled brushes and gel liners, apart from noting down tips by left-handed beauty gurus online, will help to turn the game around.

Being left-handed and a makeup enthusiast no longer has to be miserable.

While you had almost perfected the struggle of not smudging your writing in school and college, the problem seems to be never-ending even though you are past the writing a few pages every day phase.

Makeup application, in itself, is unquestionably a task that needs to be practised and mastered.

For a lefty who is a makeup enthusiast, the road has many more obstacles in the path to flawlessness.

Tools like eyelash curlers and angled brushes seem like your worst nightmare come true during your makeup routine.

You want to sport the casual flick of the eyeliner or bat your curly eyelashes at your crush, but that still remains a dream.

Easy application of makeup is achievable by keeping in mind a few tips that will lower your levels of effort in the long run.

These hacks need to be accompanied by a truckload of practice as well.

As they say – practice makes perfect!

Why Is It Harder to Apply Makeup If You Are Left-Handed?

A left hand against a yellow background

Makeup products and tools are made while keeping in mind that almost 90% of the world’s population is right-handed.

While the products as such might not be the real reason behind making makeup application difficult for lefties, it is mostly the makeup tools that cause the nuisance.

Liquid and powder based products are the easiest to apply because you are meant to cover a larger surface area of the skin and the type of brushes or makeup sponge you are using is of no consequence to you being left handed.

Even lip products are fairly easy to use because of the practice you have had holding a pencil and writing with it through your school and college life.

Using a lip pencil does not feel like a daunting task.

What Products are the Hardest to Use If You Are Left-Handed?

A woman's left hand with pink nail polish

When it comes to eye makeup, eyeshadows are a fairly easy game if you know the basic rules of blending (and more blending!) and colour combinations.

The main trouble arises when you are trying to get that sharp winged eyeliner going that slays all day.

Different types of products are available in drugstores and beauty stores for this – liquid, pen style, gel, and pencil eyeliners!

These are either meant to be used by themselves or using a brush.

The application seems simple when you try it on your hand.

However, when you try the same liquid liner on your eyelid, the line is never even.

Crooked and wonky lines mess up all the effort that went into the rest of your makeup.

Dragging different types of eyeliners from left to right is the standard that they are prepared and tested for before they are launched into the market.

Brands rarely test them to be applied in the opposite direction (by left-handed people) and whether they perform with the same efficiency and ease.

Eyelash curlers are another set of tools that are manufactured for right-handed people only.

Even if you try to somehow fix your fingers through the tongs of the curler, the effect will be the complete opposite of what it is supposed to be doing to your eyelashes.

What Techniques Provide Easier Application If You Are Left-Handed?

an open eyeliner pen on a pink surface

We have definitely established (and experienced) the difficulties of apply makeup with the left dominant hand.

But, the road doesn’t end there!

There is room for improvement that will make your makeup look flawless and also make the application process easier.

Some techniques that have been tested and tried that work for lefties are:

Apply Eyeliner Bit by Bit

One of the most common things that left-handed people struggle with is the eyeliner application.

A simple technique that you can use to master this is to use the stamping method.

Apply the eyeliner bit by bit.

These ‘bits’ do not necessarily have to be connected to each other.

Once the outline is ready, you can fill in the gaps and reap the benefits of an easy application.

Even winged liners become easy to apply using this technique

Smudge It Out

If you still find the thought of giving the eyeliner another try unnerving, then a technique that can be used is smudging.

Irrespective of how jagged your eyeliner is, use a pencil brush or C-shaped eyeshadow brush to gently smudge the line.

A sexy, smouldering eye look with minimum hassle is yours in no time!

Learn from The Pros

Woman applying powder to her face in a compact mirror

The internet is flooded with makeup videos with a makeup guru giving out many tips and tricks in each of their videos.

While there might not be many left-handed makeup experts out there on the web, there is definitely a handful that you can follow.

Bethany Mota and Kathleen Lights are our top recommendations.

Bethany is ambidextrous and does have videos where she uses her left hand for makeup application.

Kathleen, on the other hand, is an out-and-out leftie.

You can definitely learn a lot from her application techniques.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A steady hand is certainly your best friend when it comes to makeup application.

Practice all the tricks and techniques you have learned as much as possible as this is the only way that you can perfect yourself.

How to Avoid Smudging Your Makeup?

Woman wiping her makeup off in a compact mirror

Makeup can smudge irrespective of you being right handed or left handed.

The humidity in the atmosphere, your skin’s natural oils, and just clumsy hands can be the culprit.

To avoid makeup from smudging due to any of these reasons, follow this routine –

Always Wash your Face Before Applying Makeup

An unclean face has unnecessary amounts of oil, dirt, and grime that can make your makeup slip and slide.

Always Ase a Primer

The stickiness in this ‘God-sent’ makeup product will help your eyeshadow or your base products stay on longer on your skin.

Makeup longevity greatly increases by using a primer.

Line you Waterline with A Nude Eyeliner

You can also use a nude shade of eyeshadow to smudge out the lower lash line.

These will prevent the eyeliner from bleeding from your water line.

The same technique used to set the waterline can be used to set the eyeliner on top of the eyelids.

However, do keep in mind that this will mattify your eyeliner (in case you prefer a glossy liner look).

Prevent Smudging

Waterproof formulas are also a great substitute to avoid makeup from smudging.

Under eye-pads can be used to prevent fallout that can smudge easily on your cheeks.

But, this hack works only if you do your eye makeup before the rest of your face.

Otherwise, the eye pad will remove base makeup easily.

Set The Makeup 

A collection of powders with makeup brushes on top

Ensure you use a good powder to set your makeup in place.

These will absorb any excess oil and also help the skin to remain oil-free for a longer time.

A great trick to avoid eyeliner from smudging from the water line is to set it using eyeshadow in the same shade.

Simply tap some eyeshadow in a corresponding shade on top of the eyeliner.

What Products/Brushes Are Easier to Use?

We have gathered some intel from makeup experts and listed down certain products and makeup tools that can aid in the makeup application process for lefties.

Straight Tipped Brushes to The Rescue

These are meant to work better than angled brushes when you consider using them from left to right and right to left.

It might be slightly difficult to get a perfect wing with them, but a bit of practice and angle can help you to achieve the desired flick.

While you are at it, try practising using the brush in the ‘generalized’ left to right direction.

Say Goodbye to Pen Style Eyeliners

Pulling the tip of pen style eyeliner might seem like a dream come true but when you have to do it using your left hand, the inconvenience of dragging it is undeniable.

They are not meant for pushing from left to right, which is what lefties generally do.

Neither are they meant to be dragged from right to left.

Stick to Gel Liners and Eyeliner Pencils

The solution to the above problem of eyeliner pens is using gel versions of eyeliners or an eyeliner pencil.

Yes, the final look is definitely going to be different, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Eyeliner Stamps

A few brands have understood that not everybody is skilled at drawing a ‘wing on fleek’ type of eyeliner.

Eyeliner stamps are now available for less talented souls.

This presents a fortunate chance for left-handed people as the stamps can be used in combination with gel eyeliners to get that perfect wing.


By practising these tricks and techniques, eyeliner application should be just as easy and straightforward for lefties.

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