Flight Skincare Tips for Dry, Acne Prone Skin

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Travelling can really take a toll on your skin, especially for dry-skin types during a long-haul flight.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of getting off a long flight and have our skin feeling unpleasant.

The pressurized cabin, the re-circulated air and the lack of oxygen can cause the skin to become really dull and dehydrated.

But don’t let the plane conditions cause havoc on your skin.

Below is an in-flight beauty plan to prepare you for take-off, so you can look fresh when you arrive at your destination.

We reveal exactly what happens to dry skin during long flights and how to combat any damage through cabin-friendly products that you can take with you.

Read on to give your on-board skincare routine a flying start.

How Do Long Flights Take a Toll on Dry Skin?

The average flight has humidity levels of around 10 to 20per cent, whereas the average room in your house will have levels of around 40 to 65 per cent.

This unnatural pressurized environment on the plane can suck the life out of your skin and leave your skin dehydrated, which is especially bad news for people with dry skin types.

Because the humidity is lower on the plane, the moisture-free environment will draw moisture from wherever it can.

This includes your skin, causing the body to lose its natural moistness.

This will cause dry skin that has little oil production to become even drier, making it prone to breakouts.

How to Prepare Your Skin Before the Flight

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When flying, hydration is key.

It is critical to ensure that you are drinking plenty of water before, during, and after the flight.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to prepare your skin for the long flight ahead and take a bottle of water with you on-board.

(Remember to buy a large bottle of water after going through the security checks so that it doesn’t get thrown away by security!)

Go Bare-Faced

A clean, makeup-free face is the best way to prevent clogged pores on a flight.

However, if makeup is necessary, try and wear a tinted moisturizer or light BB cream instead to keep skin hydrated.

But remember to take it off just before or straight after boarding the flight to avoid dried up makeup and breakouts.

Layer Up

This may not sound like a beauty tip; however, it is important to make sure that you layer up to stay warm during the flight.

A stressful or cold flight in which you don’t get much rest will show on your face when you land. 

Wearing less clothing can affect your circulation and can make a flight uncomfortable and unpleasant.

 Even if you are traveling to a hot country, make sure you wrap up to stay comfortable during the flight.

 And then peel off the layers when you reach your destination.

What to Take with You On-Board

Your skin needs some extra TLC when traveling.

Packing a little travel-sized skincare kit with you to treat your skin is essential.

We’ve created a list of in-flight essentials for you to bring on-board to keep your skin protected and keep you looking refreshed upon arrival.

(But again: remember to ensure that all liquids are under 100ml to avoid getting them confiscated at airport security.)

Makeup Wipes

It is important to give your skin a break from makeup on flights.

However, if you still want to wear makeup to the airport, remember to take it off just before or as soon as your board the plane.

Make sure to pack makeup wipes, so you can take off your makeup before or once you are on the flight.

But if you don’t like using wipes, bring a travel-sized bottle of micellar water and cotton pads instead.

Don’t forget to clean your skin again just before landing since the cabin is hardly the most hygienic space.

Use a Nourishing Facial Spray

A regular water spray mist may feel refreshing; however, it actually makes your skin drier as it evaporates off.

As water attracts water, this will only make your skin more dehydrated.

Try using a more nourishing facial spray that will moisturize the skin instead.

Look out for moisture-replenishing ingredients such as camellia seed oil that can really nurture and rejuvenate the skin.  

It will keep you feeling refreshed while giving you a boost of hydration at the same time.

Make sure you apply moisturizer onto your face straight after spritzing the facial spray.

This will increase extra hydration as your skin absorbs moisturizer better on wet skin than dry.

Apply a Sheet Mask

While being on a long, tiring flight, why not take advantage of the extra time and pamper yourself and treat your skin to a hydrating face mask?

Pick up a sheet mask with nourishing properties to treat your dry skin.

Also, make sure it does not need to be washed off and can be easily applied and removed on the flight.

Simply apply it to your face and let the nutrients soak into your skin for an in-flight facial.

You may feel like you look silly, however, no one will even be paying attention and your skin will thank you and look great when you arrive at your destination.

Use a Good Serum

Drier skin types require stronger moisture than just face creams on long-haul flights.

So, a good serum will provide your skin with the extra hydration that it needs.

Using it before applying a moisturizer will allow the product to deliver moisture to the deeper layers of your skin, allowing it to stay hydrated for longer.

Moisturize Your Skin

The atmospheric conditions at high altitudes can really dry out your skin.

In order to combat any dryness, keep your skin as moisturized as possible with a trusty face cream or lotion to really lock in hydration and ensure your skin stays nourished.

Be sure to reapply it often to keep your skin to soothe, restore and calm your skin to keep it soft and supple.

Don’t Forget Your SPF

Sunscreen shouldn’t just be reserved to wear when on holiday.

In fact, it turns out that your skin could be at a much higher risk even before you reach your holiday destination.

Air passengers face the most exposure to harmful rays and radiation, especially those who are seated near the window.

When you are thousands of feet up in the sky, the higher altitude puts you a lot closer to the sun than you would be on land and therefore more you become more exposed to damaging UV rays.

The windows of the plane do not filter out the radiation, which penetrates through them.

Therefore, it is essential to keep your skin protected. Make sure you bring a trusty SPF on board with you and reapply it every few hours for maximum protection.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

It’s no secret that water is the key to staying hydrated.

Therefore, is it incredibly important to make sure you drink water, and plenty of it before, after and during your flight.

While face masks and moisturizers will keep your face hydrated, it is important to make sure your body is nice and nourished too.

This is because your whole body is more likely to become dehydrated on the flight.

If possible, book yourself an aisle seat to avoid having to disturb your co-passengers every time you make regular trips to the toilet.

Try to avoid any caffeine or alcohol during the flight, as it will dry out your skin even more.

If you want to keep your drink a little more exciting, stick to coconut water or an aloe vera drink that is loaded with goodness instead.

Caring for Skin After the Flight

Exfoliate Your Skin

It is important to draw out all the impurities that may have gathered on your skin through the recycled air on a crowded flight.

Flying increases your exposure to bacteria, so it is essential to clean off these germs to avoid clogging your pores.

So, don’t forget to give your face a good scrub with an efficient facial scrub.

This will remove any dry skin cells that may have accumulated on your skin throughout the flight.

Hydrate from Inside Out

Even with the serum, the face mask, and the creams used on-board, the recycled air will suck some moisture from your skin so it’s important you restore it.

Apply a deeply nourishing moisturizer to your skin to keep it nice and rejuvenated from the distress caused to your skin on the flight.

It’s also important to keep your body hydrated too.

Ensure you drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate your body and allow it to detoxify to prevent any horrible breakouts.

To learn more about on-flight beauty, click here to read our article on How To Pack Beauty Essentials For a Flight.

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