Lighten Dark Lips With 7 Natural Home Remedies

Woman holding pink lipstick to her lip

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, however, they are often the most neglecting part of the face when it comes to skincare, causing it to discolour. 

This is particularly a problem for women with naturally darker skin tones.

So, why do our lips turn dark?

While some cases of dark lips may be down to genetics, there are many other contributing factors that can cause discolouration, including an unhealthy lifestyle, neglect or environmental changes.

Luckily there are several natural remedies and solutions for lip pigmentation that can be treated and lightened using some easy home remedies for healthy, pink lips.

Weโ€™ve listed a few of the possible causes to help you understand why your lip may be pigmented, and a few natural ingredients that work as home-made remedies to use overnight as part of a daily routine to add a little extra colour to your smile.

Causes and Care Tips

Sun Exposure

You may already be using a sunscreen on your face, but your lips need sun protection too.

Sunlight has harmful rays that can damage the skin, so exposure to excessive sunlight can rise melanin pigment in your lip, causing them to darken.

Make sure you wear lip balms with SPF and UV protectors to keep your lips shielded from the sun.

Keep Them Hydrated

Moisture is key to the good health of not only your skin but lips too.

Moisture keeps them from getting chapped or cracked as this can darken the lip.

Hydrating from within by drinking plenty of water allows for the growth and renewal of new skin cells in the body.

This is especially important in very hot or cold weather, which can be extremely drying on the lip.

So, donโ€™t forget to also apply plenty of balms and chapstick to keep dry lips at bay.

Stop Smoking

Your lifestyle can also play a major part in causing lip pigmentation.

While it is widely known that smoking is bad for your health, it isnโ€™t great for beauty reasons either.

Tobacco can stain your teeth and lips; so, discolouration and dryness of lips can be a side effect of smoking.

Reducing your tobacco intake can prevent your lip pigmentation from darkening further.

Not only does it improve pigmentation, but also the overall appearance of your lips as smoking can cause it to look pale, dull and thin.

Cut Down On Caffeine

Coffee cup with lips lipstick mark and coffee beans on the side

While we all love our Starbucks, excess consumption of caffeine can give your lips a darker hue.

Limiting your caffeine consumption will not only limit pigmentation on your lip but also your teeth too.

Being a diuretic, caffeine can dry out the skin.

So, drinking plenty of water or trying to switch to herbal teas instead can keep your skin hydrated without drying it out. 

Alternatively, if you need your caffeine fix, try and consume your tea or coffee through a straw to avoid the liquid from staining your lip.


The dry and dead skin on your lips can make them appear dark.

So, in order to brighten them, try and use a toothbrush or some sugar to scrub off the dark, pigmented dead skill cells in order for newer, fresher skin to appear.

This increases blood flow to your lips, making them appear fuller and pinker.

Stop Biting/Licking Your Lips

Close up of lady licking her top lip

Some people have a habit of constantly biting, licking or picking at their lips.

You may lick to lips to add some moisture to it, this can cause it to become dry and chapped, which causes pigmentation.

So, try and refrain from doing this.

Throw Out Old Lip Products

Using expired or low-quality lipsticks or lip cosmetics can also cause lip pigmentation.

So, make sure you check the expiry date of your lip products and throw away any products that are out of date.

Natural Remedies

There are many natural home remedies you can use to lighten you pigmented lips.

Try experimenting with the following natural ingredients to find the remedy that works for you best.


Lemon works wonders as a lightening agent for your lips.

Citric acid works as a bleaching agent to remove discolouration, while the vitamin C in it works as a natural exfoliate to brighten the skin.

Try to avoid using this method for cracked lips as it may sting and cause discomfort.


three beetroot to treat dark lips on pink background

Known to be one of the most effective ingredients for pigmented lips, beetroot can help to restore vibrant, healthy lips thanks to its purple colour.

Beetroot while working as a great cleanser, also doubles as a natural lip stain.

It removes pigment by stimulating cell production but leaves behind a beautiful red tint to your lips.

This is a great natural way to lighten your lips while keeping them smooth and soft with a pop of natural colour.


Packed with vitamins and minerals, pomegranate destroys free radicals while working as an effective exfoliant to improve the appearance of lip pigmentation. 

This pink fruit is rich in antioxidants to replenish the lips while giving them a natural rose-tinted tinge.   

Rose Extract

Rose extract is known for its versatile remedies and healing properties, including soothing, hydrating and nourishing the skin and lips.

It not only enhances cell renewal but also lessens the effect of sun damage which causes pigmentation.

Apply this to the lip to treat your them while leaving a healthy, pink flush.


Natural honey to treat dark lips in a white pot

Honey is a great natural ingredient to treat lips that have turned dark with age of external factors.

Bursting with antibacterial and hydrating properties, honey will work its magic on your lips by lightening it while nourishing it.

This will leave it looking luscious looking soft and healthy.

Slather it on to bring a beautiful glow and shine to your pout.

Almond Oil

With its effective moisturizing and lightening properties, itโ€™s no wonder that almond oil is a well-known remedy to treat lip pigmentation.

Its emollient properties and high vitamin E content rejuvenate and soften the lips.

Try applying a coat of almond oil and watch it work its wonders to reveal soft, kissable lips.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant to treat dark lips potted in whit pot

Aloe Vera is used as an effective natural remedy for most beauty problems.

Rich in polyphenolic compounds, aloe vera gel can really prevent further darkening of the skin.

The antioxidants in the gel will remove any dirt or impurities on the lip to give it a lighter complexion and rejuvenate it with its healthy nutrients.

How To Use Them

Apply the following ingredients to your lips and massage it gently to exfoliate and hydrate the lips.

For extra nutrient absorption, leave it on overnight and use for as long as needed.

However, if you want extra exfoliation, add a little sugar to the ingredient of your choice and mix it well.

Massage it on your lip to gently scrub off any dry skin or dead skin cells.

Then, simply wipe it off with a wet cloth and apply a lip balm of your choice to reveal soft lips.


Following these steps should put the colour back into your lips and keep them healthy and hydrated.

Opt for one home remedy at a time.

Doing all together will not result in the fast result but an excess may just cause more harm.

Test all the home remedies and the one that suits you best and sticks to it to eventually see the discolouration fade away.

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